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I'll walk you through the "Step by Step" process to build a marketing funnel for your veterinary practice that drives ideal clients to make appointments

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Discover how to quickly and painlessly build marketing funnels that help find and deliver perfect clients into your practice.

You Don't Need More Clients In Your Veterinary Practice, You Need Better Clients

Too often, veterinary practices feel like they don't "need" marketing, they're too busy to waste time with that. The past year and a half has been insane for most practices, from over-worked staff, pushy and rude clients, and major staffing issues.

I get it, you're busier than ever, but are you busy with clients that you love working with? Are you doing the procedures you completely enjoy? Are you clients a delight to work with who take your recommendations or are you fighting the feelings of constant burnout.

Maybe you need a system to drive in ideal clients to your veterinary practice that you can set up and use again and again. In this live 5-day workshop, you'll learn how to setup marketing funnels that not only deliver the right clients to your practice but also help filter out the wrong ones.

Who Is This 5-Day Veterinary Funnel Challenge For?

Established Practices

If your veterinary practice is established and busy, there is no better time to start increasing the quality of new clients coming in the door than now. Especially with the hiring difficulty practices face right now, ensuring that your staff is using their time to focus on procedures or clients that are highest and best use of time has never been more important.

Start Up Practices

If you've just opened a practice or you're thinking about starting a practice in the near future and you want to have your appointments schedule filled with the right clients, this workshop is for you! Starting your practice with the right clients can help create the foundation you desperately need to establish long-term success.

Build A Marketing Funnel In 5 Short Days

In this live, interactive workshop you'll get straight to the point training on how to create a marketing funnel that turns strangers into clients for the procedures you want.

Day 1

Create The Ultimate Client

We'll deep-dive into defining the perfect target for your funnel. You'll get access to the work.

Day 2

Crafting Your Perfect Offer

Once you know who your ideal client is, you'll learn how to craft the perfect offer that your perfect client will run to get. You'll learn the effective alternatives to discounts that drive action and end up with the perfect offer.

Day 3

Building A Landing Page That Converts

You'll discover how to create landing pages or lead capture tools that help to present your offer so that can get high conversion when you send traffic. You'll also learn the tricks and tips you need to effectively measure conversion rates and ROI.

Day 4

Design Your Ideal Traffic Plan

Here we'll reveal the best traffic sources based on what your offer looks like, who it is for, and how it is delivered. You'll understand what the ideal traffic source for your funnel is, whether that is paid advertising via Google PPC ads, Facebook or Instagram ads, organic sources or social media.

Day 5

Tracking, Reporting, & Optimization

You'll learn how to implement your marketing funnel in a way that you can track, report and optimize results. Using the tools you will learn how to improve the ROI of your marketing activity to consistently deliver ideal clients through the door of your practice.

$497 In Bonus Trainings Included Free

As a bonus for signing up you'll also receive access to my on-demand trainings that will give you all the tools you need to ensure your marketing funnels are successful.

Marketing Tracking Made Easy
In this trianing you will learn how to use UTM codes and receive access to my UTM link creator tool so that you won't have to guess if your marketing is working ever again.
Course Length: 1 Hour

The Veterinary Practice Ads Course
You'll get in-depth training on how to run ads and send traffic to your funnels in this comprehensive course.

Course Length 8 Hours

The Youtube Ad Workshop
You'll Learn How To create video ads in one of the most under-used and powerful ad networks 99% of veterinary practices don't use.
Course Length: 6 Hours

Meet Brandon

You'll be learning from Brandon Breshears, a digital marketer and media buyer who has helped Hundreds of Veterinary Practices around the world manage millions of dollars in ad spend.

Brandon started the veterinary Marketing Podcast over 7 years ago and has been working with veterinary practices and professionals ever since.

You'll be learning from someone who works exclusively with veterinary practices driving more clients into their practices every day.

What Kind Of Funnels Can You Build?

  • Dental Procedure Funnels
  • Senior Pet Funnels
  • Ultrasound services
  • Surgery services
  • Puppy client funnels

  • At-home services
  • Specialty services
  • Mobile Euthanasia Services
  • Pain management or rehab services
  • And Much More

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